Hi! My name is Daniel!

I have been capturing weddings through a journalistic lens since 2010. I previously called Southern California home but recently have relocated to this beautiful land called Monterey.

I am so incredibly flattered that you have even clicked on this link. You might be fishing around for that one photographer that you mesh with just right so continue scrolling and let me show you you’ve probably landed in the right spot.

When I was twelve I was gifted a camera in the car while on a family trip to Mexico. I spent the whole week in Mexico up close studying texture and movement of different buildings and people. Two weeks later when, after my mom brought me the prints from probably costco or something, my love for photography was born.


I spent the next 4 years through high school learning from my photo teacher (shout out Mr. Nino - more wedding photographers came from this guy's class in So. Cal than any course in higher ed) and becoming the aid/developing my own prints in the dark room. Yeah I learned old school.

After high school I went to college and got a masters degree and married my teammate and love of my life while still pursuing photography. Shot senior portraits, traveled for a little with some bands taking pictures, and did some other work here and there but nothing caught my attention like weddings. The challenge of capturing the raw emotion and translating the feelings I saw into images for people to experience again and again was fulfilling and I am still chasing that high.