Getting Ready For Your Family Shoot!

Your family session is right around the corner!

You might have so many questions.

How do we dress? Is it going to be cold? Our babies, they need snacks. My husband, he needs snacks. Will I get any snacks? What about matching? How do we pose? Should I smile? What about my kids, good luck trying to get them looking at the camera!

These are all great questions! And I am sure you have others besides these. So were going to walk through step by step how to prepare for getting the most amazing family photos ever.

This blog series is going to take a deep dive into:

  1. What to Wear

  2. How to pose

  3. What to do before you get in the car

  4. What to do during the session

I am super stoked to take your pictures.

Lets get started!

Part 1