How to Pose During Your Family Session

Welcome to Part II of Getting Ready For My Family Shoot!

Doing a quick google search of this topic will reveal pages after pages of tips on how to pose. So why a blog post?

Well, most of those results will suggest tips for the photographer! Not the family.

My job here is to provide you with some quick tips on how YOU should pose during the shoot. You might decide, after reading this, to become a full time model; but the goal by the end of this post is help you feel confident before your session. Ready!? Stoked.

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Lets go!


First, relax. “Wait, aren’t you to teach me how to POSE?” I like taking real, timeless, and emotionally moving photos! What this means is you do not need to worry about how to smile (you already can do that well!), where to put your hands, or how to stand. I want you to have fun with your family! So even though the camera is out just pretend it isn’t there for a few minutes. I know this might be hard but take a look around. You are in Carmel with the most beautiful beaches! Or we’re in Monterey with that amazing rocky coast! Enjoy this time, I promise your photos are going to be amazing if you do.

Pretend I Am Not Here

The biggest tip I can give is just be present with your family. The more real and authentic you are the more you are going to love your photos. I will give you cheats along the way as to what might make a great photo in the moment. For example, if you baby is playing in the sand. The best thing you guys can do is just hang out with her and play with her! Don’t worry about how to position your body, just be natural. If there is something that would help better capture the essence of that moment, I’ll give a quick tip to achieve just that.

What to do with those hands

Family sessions are all about connection and love! Dads, get your hands on mom. If baby is held, get your hands on mom in a comfortable way. Mom, you too! By simply touching the other person you immediately create this feeling of comfort. Here are some simple quick tips for posed or candid photos.


  • Thumbs out when hands in pockets

  • Put them around mom’s waist

  • Use those back pockets

  • Hold on to your baby


  • Hold on to dad’s arm

  • Tug on your flowy dress

  • Put your hands around dad’s shoulders

These are just tips for when your thinking…what should I do while were playing? or walking?

Hope these quick tips for family photo posing helps you! Can’t wait for our session! Looking to book? Click here!

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